Module 1

Overview: Evolution of eDiscovery Technology, Management and Operations

  • Gain a general understanding of the major evolutions in technology and in legal practice over the past 30 years that have led from paper-based to electronic discovery.
  • Understand how litigation support departments originally started and how they have evolved.
  • Obtain an overview of the various industry roles, including clients, law firm litigation support, vendors and consultants, throughout the evolution of eDiscovery.
  • Become familiar with eDiscovery workflow and meaningful eDiscovery terminology.
  • Acquire an understanding of available internet sites that are helpful resources in the litigation support industry.
  • Learn how the practice of eDiscovery has evolved through case law and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
  • Understand how the use of current technology facilitates the practice of law within specific phases of litigation.
  • Discover the distinctions between law firm business models and litigation support services business models.
  • Learn the EDRM and understand its flow and major stages.

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