Module 3

Foundational Tools and Data Processing Basics

Understand the definition and purpose of each stage of processing data: collection, staging, indexing, filtering, metadata & text extraction, etc.

  • Become familiar with the dominant tools in the marketplace for each task.
  • Learn the types and uses of metadata.
  • Understand the components of a load file, and common load file formats.
  • Learn about quality control protocols and working with exception reports.
  • Find out about potential pitfalls in litigation data processing and how to avoid them.
  • Obtain an overview and understanding of the five basic categories of tools and how they overlap:
    • collection tools,
    • filtering/processing tools,
    • analytical tools,
    • review tools
    • production tools
  • Learn how eDiscovery software tools work in the different phases of the electronic discovery lifecycle to support the phases of litigation.
  • Gain knowledge of the pros and cons of a “one size fits all” tool.
  • Understand basic search techniques

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