Module 6

Global Data Considerations

  • Obtain an overview of data privacy and protection in the U.S., EU, Asia and elsewhere.
  • Consider practical issues facing US practitioners when dealing with EEA data in the context of US proceedings.
  • Understand preservation and collection issues regarding cross-border data in the cloud.
  • Definitions of EU personal data, processing, data controller and other terms pertinent to EU privacy laws.
  • Obtain an overview of relevant case law.
  • Understand the EU/US Safe Harbor scheme.
  • Consider blocking statutes in some EU countries.
  • Learn workflows for offshore ediscovery matters (with various options for collection, processing, and hosting).
  • Understand the challenges presented by foreign languages with respect to keyword searching and machine translation.
  • Consider practical ways to limit risk of liability when handling EU personal data as part of US discovery.
  • Understand challenges with respect to foreign IT systems and file types

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