Technology Associates

eDT -EDT develops end-to-end software for litigation and investigations. EDT Software delivers a complete solution for discovery, litigation and investigations.  It enables clients to replace multiple tools with a single, easy to use, integrated solution for processing, early case assessment, analysis, review and production.  It can alternatively operate as a companion processing and ECA product for established third party review platforms.  Global law firms, corporations, service providers and consulting firms are thinking differently by using EDT for litigation and investigations.

Brainspace – Brainspace creates breakthrough machine learning software that intelligently detects and relates unique phrases in massive unstructured datasets; redefining what it means to search and revolutionizing what is humanly possible.  The platform’s learning is expressed through interactive visualizations that are thoughtfully simple yet extraordinarily powerful. Brainspace provides a 360º view which adapts as it follows the user’s train of thought, suggesting additional pathways that help connect the dots even faster.

Barrister Digital Solutions (BDS)  – Barrister Digital Solutions provides law firms, corporations and the public sector with a broad spectrum of eDiscovery and Document Management Services.  BDS has over 16 years of experience working with clients across all industries and has a profound understanding of their specific needs. Barrister Digital Solutions has invested in seasoned professionals and cutting-edge technologies to provide its clients comprehensive, cost-effective solutions spanning the full array of the EDRM.

BDS understands that eDiscovery serves a crucial role in our justice system, while its functions have become more formalized.  A broad knowledge of the eDiscovery process has become an essential aspect of litigation practice, and attorneys and practice support professionals must provide clients with accurate and comprehensive guidance in this vital discipline . Moreover, the need for exceptional eDiscovery capabilities is bound to expand in the future with the exponential growth of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) as our lives move increasingly online and more fully into the digital sphere.

The Verity Group – Founded in 2000, Verity Group is a Chicago-based, legal technology company providing the full spectrum of eDiscovery and Managed Review services to law firms and corporate clients across the US. Verity group’s management team has a combined 100+ years of eDiscovery and litigation experience. The team is comprised of licensed attorneys, Relativity Certified Administrators/Project Managers, licensed private investigators, IBM certified technologists, and eDiscovery experts. Verity Group seamlessly integrates legal hold, data identification & collection, eDiscovery processing, expert project management, data hosting and managed review, all through a single source.